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Adaptors and blind caps for fire hydrants.


Firehose couplings and adaptors.

In Brass and light alloy, Storz, Guillemin, NOR, Instantaneous, Nakajima, ROTA.

A selection of nozzles including the French Ponstar model.


A Selection of the Unifire range of jet/spray nozzles with all possible adaptors.


Ship-To-Shore connection.


Jet spray nozzles and single jet nozzles w/o shut off.


Coupling spanners.


Foam nozzles

With or without pick up tube varying from 225 litre capacity up to 700 litres +

A typical example of an engine room portable foam set consisting of fire hose, foam nozzle and foam liquid.


Different types of foams

AFFF's 3 & 6 %, protein and alcohol resistant foams, these are also available in 200 litre drums or in bulk.
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